Step 1

Sign up online by clicking here.

Step 5

If you have accepted, attend and provide professional service. An e-transfer payment is sent to your email address within 48 hours.

Step 2

Easily upload the necessary documentation so we can verify you are able to work with our clients.

Step 3

Once your documentation has been approved, your profile is added to a database that service providers can access, and you can start viewing service requests.

Step 4

Service requests that match your skills will pop up in your app with details on the date, time, location and pay rate for that request. Accept if you are interested, decline if you are not.

What documentation I need to provide to be able to work with Mayagwe?

Evidence of language and interpretation proficiency in any of the following forms:

  • Passed Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT)
  • Passed Proficiency Exam at Language Line Solutions
  • Certification from recognized interpreting training programs
  • Demonstrated previous interpretation experience with references
  • Membership in a professional Interpreter association such as ATIA or ACIA

Documentation of Identify and Police Clearance

  • A recent Police Information Check for security purposes
  • Government Issued Identification for verification of Identity
  • Social Insurance number for verification of eligibility to work in Canada

If participating organizations require additional accreditation that information will be available on our website


  • By signing up with Mayagwe you become eligible to accept job postings from participating agencies of your choice on your time.
  • Provides employment opportunities with maximum flexibility for participation.
  • Provides business experience as independent business operators.
  • Provides connection and understanding of social serving agencies, reducing any stigma which may exist about the roles of these agencies.
  • Eliminating favouritism or cronyism in offering employment opportunities to a selected few.
  • Recognizes interpretation as a professional service.
  • Payment is made via e transfer direct to Interpreter within 48 hours of service.