What happens with hard to find languages?
  • Mayagwe tracks requests for all languages even languages not on the database and then will market efforts to connect with interpreters in hard to find languages.
  • As system grows interpreters from other regions will be included (future plans).
Is there an 'over the phone' option for interpretation?
  • Mayagwe is for use when service providers determine that face to face interpretation is the best option.
  • Mayagwe does not replace existing over the phone interpretation options.
  • Future services will be developed as per identified service needs.
How do you deal with conflicts of interest or poor performance? For example: The interpreter is related to the person requiring assistance?
  • All interpreters are required to sign a contract requiring them to provide services in a professional and ethical manner and to immediately disclose any conflicts of interest.
  • As per contract all disputes or issues of unprofessional conduct will be handled by the Mayagwe administrator and any decisions will be binding.
  • Service users provide a rating of interpreters at time of service request and poor ratings will be reviewed by Mayagwe administrator for follow up.
  • Organizations can “black list” interpreters from receiving service requests from their organization.
  • Service must be provided by Interpreter who accepted request (ID on file no replacement).
How are cancellations dealt with?
  • Service requestors can cancel service requests at any time.
  • With in 24 hours Interpreters get paid if request was cancelled by requestor.
  • Interpreters can not cancel service requests once accepted If an interpreter needs to cancel they must contact the requestor and then it is up to the requestor to cancel and repost request.
  • If cancellation is requested by Interpreter no payment is made regardless of time.
  • Continued interpreter cancellations will be reviewed by Mayagwe administrator.
What are the future plans for Mayagwe?
  • Mayagwe is a first of its kind application for providing accessibility for face to face interpretation services piloted in the Calgary region operated on a cost recovery and future growth basis.
  • As the system grows and resources become available adjustments will be made to offer additional required services.
  • Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) has over 120 employer partners through out Canada including Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary and is growing rapidly.
  • CCDI and Mayagwe have the experience and infrastructure in utilizing technology for providing innovative solutions for a growingly diverse population www.ccdi.ca.