Scheduling an Interpreter Quick and Easy

Step 1

Users access the Mayagwe application with a mobile device and log in with a username and password.

Step 2

From the request screen, users can choose a language, as well as when they need the interpreter, whether it be immediate or scheduled for the future.

Step 3

The request is sent in real time to all interpreters who match the requirements via their smartphone.

Step 4

The first interpreter available to provide the service accepts the request via the application, and a message is sent to the user advising them that an interpreter has accepted the job, and will attend where and when required.

Step 5

Once the service is performed, the job is closed all via the Mayagwe application.

Step 6

Direct deposit payment is made to the interpreter.

Security and Operational Features

  • Data is stored on Canadian Servers with Microsoft Azure.
  • SSL Certificates with Strong Encryption & Authentication.
  • No protected information is stored or transmitted through this system (FOIP).
  • All parties agree to provide basic contact information: Phone number and Email address via user agreements.
  • Legally binding Service User and Service provider Contracts.
  • Ongoing system upgrades and maintenance provided by Mayagwe.
  • Mayagwe uses complex password, that has password re-use restrictions.
  • Developed and supported locally.


Accurate Tracking

Ability to generate multiple reports of system usage hours costs languages

Efficient Billing

Quick and easy direct payments to interpreters


  • Direct access to trained and accredited interpreters.
  • Maximum flexibility in scheduling, from immediate requests to long-term scheduling.
  • Ability to set criteria for interpreters unique to each organization.
  • Ability to fully customize interpreter requests.
  • Cost-effectiveness by only paying for services provided and reducing administrative costs (finance). No sign up fee.
  • The use of certified interpreters reduces risk and liability to organizations by providing professional interpreting services.
  • Security of personal information is also of high priority in the design and function of Mayagwe.
  • Demonstrating commitment to inclusiveness. Mayagwe can provide user training in the use of the system as well as best practices in utilizing interpreters.